What Our Clients are Saying








Dear Charles Photography Portrait Artists:

      I am writing you to thank you for the outstanding job that you have done in capturing my daughter’s life, in photo form over the past year.  The quality of your photos is unbelievable and your services and patience are exceptional.  I remember signing up for your baby’s first year plan, long before my daughter Briana was due to be released from the hospital.  As soon as I found out when Briana was being released, you all were so helpful in making an immediate appointment.
      I love the fact that you sat down with me and planned each session beforehand.  I must admit that after the first photo session, I told my husband that this is too far for me to travel.  However, after seeing the proofs from the first session I knew it was worth the drive.  I could not even imagine anyone else doing Briana’s photos.
      The one thing that you told me before I signed up for the program proved to be true and that is if I thought my life was busy now; wait until the baby comes home.  Making the commitment early on helped me to accomplish what I wanted and that was to capture Briana’s first year in her own photo album.  I did not know that a baby changes so much every three months during the course of the first year of life.  I look through Briana’s album and I am amazed at how she changed dramatically every three months.
      I know that our year is up, but I cannot wait to take Briana’s 18-month pictures.  I would advise any parent to sign-up before the baby arrives; it sure makes life easier and more organized in that area. Thank you so much for making life easier for me and allowing me to capture moments on photo that I will never have the opportunity to capture again.